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Nov 25, 2009 9:00pm EST
but this country. this is a big alaska bald eagle. it's larger than the bald eagles that might live in america. >> larry: the bird of america? >> exactly. a lot of eagles are shot thinking they may be a buzzard or something but they're an immature bald eagle. if that were a wild bird, larry, those talons would go through her skin, break her bones and in a second. the pressure on the arm is beyond anything you can imagine. >> i work out. >> look at that peek there. it's used for tearing. >> when he does that, what is he doing, is he refreshing herself? >> she's just getting comfortable on my arm. she's stretching out her wings like we stretch our arms. >> larry: i got to get one more. >> thank you. >> larry: and now we have a red-crested turacao. >> look at the colors on the screen. look at this head. i think it dates back to australia, that prehistorici ii birds. >> larry: the next guest can outjump kobe bryant, now if only a basketball, who knows? that's in 60 seconds. stay with us. make that paperwork go away... ...making the process faster and easier to manage - not to mention you're saving
Nov 26, 2009 12:00am EST
continent of america? a species of owls. except for antarctica. >> larry: don't tell me an owl. >> an owl, exactly. let me show you something, larry. people ask, why does he turn his head that way. the eyes are so big. i was going to say if i see pretty girl, you can take your eyes without moving your head, right. the owl, he cannot do that. with his eye socket, he cannot turn his eyes. isn't that amazing? the ears are not up here like the little tufts are. the ears are faced like this, like a cup. so this owl -- neither one of them -- they like insects. this owl, that likes the insects, too. this owl, if he's out for a mouse or rat in this room, he can hunt in that location without seeing it. that's why they call it the wise old owl because of its senses. its brain, larry, is very small. how much do you think an owl weighs? >> larry: 35 pounds. >> you hear that? i'm not laughing at you. >> larry: yes, you are. what does it weigh? >> only two pounds. it's all feathers and hollow bones. can you imagine this? >> larry: my goodness. >> look at this, larry, it just disappears inside. >> larry
Nov 25, 2009 12:00am EST
and the people of america a very, very happy thanksgiving. ladies and gentlemen -- [ applause ] -- i invite you to join me in a toast to the health and happiness of president barack obama and the first lady, mrs. obama, the friendly people of the united states of america and stronger and stronger friendship between india and the united states of america. >> cheers. cheers. >> thank you. thank you, everybody. enjoy your evening. >> larry: and the dinner begins. this is an outdoor dinner. it's under a tent on the south lawn of the white house. i've attended a couple of these. the ones i attended were inside. they hold a lot more people there. we'll have a major panel discussing all this. i want to get a word or two with sally quinn, who will be with us, the co-founder of on faith at and she's launched the party, a column on entertaining in the style tex of "the post." how important are these dinners, sally? >> i think the prime minister said it best when he said strategic partnership. you heard their toast. it wasn't anything about music, flowers -- well, it was some, but it wa
Nov 23, 2009 9:00pm EST
of people that are uninsured, which is why prices are so high. i think clearly it is time that america come to terms with this. i think most americans agree. that's why this administration was elected. i think they are fulfilling the promises that they made. and i think that we cannot continue to act as if this will just heal itself. there has to be some hard decisions made. i think the congress has made some. i think the senate is moving in that direction, and it's the right direction. >> larry: i have to get a break. we'll continue on this and other topics as well with ann coulter and al sharpton. don't go away. now your chase card let's you make your own payment plan for what you charge. introducing blueprint. blueprint's free and exclusively for chase customers. for a big purchase, there's split. it lets you decide how much... or how many months you want to pay. so you can be comfortable managing all of your large purchases. if having a plan matters, chase what matters. create your own blueprint at it doesn't cover everything. insured by united healthcare insurance
Nov 24, 2009 12:00am EST
and their assault on america." and in atlanta, reverend al sharpton, the civil rights leader. he is in atlanta as part of n.a.n.'s national day of outrage, advocating for an end to gun and gang violence. okay. ann, the senate is set to move forward on the debate on health care. as a conservative, do you agree that there are problems, that the health care system needs change? >> yes. mostly caused by government intervention. for one thing, two main problems with government intervention, one is going back to world war ii when fdr imposed wage and price controls. employers started providing health care for employees. they couldn't offer their employees higher salaries so instead they offered them health care. because of that, it's hard and now there is a tax deduction. now in law. it's very hard to get health insurance outside of your employer. and you always want to be the one holding the credit card for good service. and the second problem is mostly state regulation, making insurance very expensive by requiring it to cover all sorts of things like viagra and restless leg syndrome and marriage c
Nov 27, 2009 9:00pm EST
-- though every time i watch you in "america's sweethearts," classic. that's why before we get started, i was like kiki and i was waiting for someone to tell me to push my hair back. but no one did. >> larry: it was a great movie. >> you were a great sport. >> larry: what do you mean by imperfect angel in the title? >> well, i had written a song called "imperfect" and sort of wanted it to be -- it didn't make the album. but i wanted it to be something where basically everybody but mainly like, you know, young girls or kids just growing up in school would understand that, like, it is okay not to be -- try to be perfect like the people in the magazines and everybody that we see that weighed two pounds and things that are unattainable. you know what i mean? >> larry: size 0. >> yeah. size 0 which is a fabulous invention that we all love. >> larry: so here's a song called "imperfect" and the title is in the title of the album, but don't include the song. so the obvious question is why do it? >> why? one of my very dear friends and someone i love a lot, mr. l.a. reed, the chairman of island de
Nov 26, 2009 8:00pm EST
of america's next top model, which airs wednesday nights on the cw and recently launched an online magazine called tyra beauty, inside and out. do you have heroes now? >> i do. >> larry: like? >> my mom is my hero. i mean, she is the strongest woman that i know. you know, she -- my paernts divorced when i was 6 years old. and my mom and my brother and i moved into a one-bedroom apartment. and she created a space that was so physically and emotionally beautiful, where we had less, but we didn't feel it. my mom slept on the couch. my brother and i shared the bedroom. and my mom, we lived in a southern part of los angeles, california. not the best area. and she said that, you know, she was going to take extra jobs so that we could continue to move north, and to continue to get an extra bedroom. so she worked extra jobs. and we moved about a mile north. and got a two-bedroom apartment. and then she took on some more work and we moved a couple more miles north. and then we had a three-bedroom apartment. so that i could have my bedroom, my brother could have his bedroom and she had hers. >> larry
Nov 21, 2009 12:00am EST
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Nov 23, 2009 12:00am EST
of wind turbines in america. and developing lower emission, fuel-efficient aircraft engines. ecomagination means growing the green economy by harnessing our most powerful resource- imagination. the american renewal is happening. right now. >>> all right. welcome back to a special edition of "larry king live." it's the "dancing with the stars" finale preview. i asked the two couples here with me earlier. i want to bring donny and kim back in from vegas. how is your free style coming, guys? because that's the dance -- for example, last season, less than one percentage point separated the winning couple from the second couple. i think the free style is what won it for shawn and mark. how is yours coming along? >> the pressure's on. i've lost you guys for a second. >> sure, you did. >> the rules don't apply for free style? >> there are no rules. >> good. >> you can lift. you can lift as many times as you want. >> she's lifting me throughout the whole thing. >> whatever you want. we've had so much fun. >> except for ballroom. >> you can do anything you want, i think. >> we've taken a direction
Nov 21, 2009 3:00am EST
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Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13 (some duplicates have been removed)